Massive lower deck and wheelhouse can walk around. One rotating seat is in the front, two fixed seating in front of the wheelhouse and two driver’s seat behind of the wheelhouse.


  • Dimensions: length: 540cm;  width(stern mirror): 220 cm
  • Maximum immersion: 24 cm
  • Max persons: 5
  • Design category “D”
  • Weight: approx. 500 kg (depending on equipment)
  • Full load (passenger + luggage + motor): 620kg
  • Max. Engine output: 100 hp
  • Material: special aluminum alloy 2.5mm thick

Basic version includes

  • Number of bins: 8 (lockable, some of the key as well)
  • Fuel system: integrated 50-liter tank
  • 70 Ah battery
  • External 220V built-in battery charging option
  • Steering: Bowden cable installed
  • Seats: 4 normal seat + 1 width seat
  • part of a full deck is covered with a rubber-coated fabrics
  • Boat two sides of a thick shock-reducing rubber strips
  • welded aluminum boats sides constraints
  • Welded tow hooks front 1 and rear 2


  • horn
  • circle light
  • switchboard
  • on-board LED lighting
  • box LED lighting
  • jacks
  • bilge pump
  • rod holders
  • cup holders
  • tarpaulins

If you have your own engine, we install it.

No extra cost options

  • seats colors
  • boat color of the attached design
  • tapestry color
  • steering wheel
  • rubber strips color

Option with extra cost

  • One compartment of live fish storage facilities, pumps, piping, bubbler
  • the development of electric motor systems + one piece 100 Ah battery
  • specifically for the boat trailer, Knott parts, brakes, torsion axles, galvanized, mounted on rollers, so-called. “One-man trailer”
  • Radio installation with two speakers
  • design of double-walled insulated compartments (food and drink storage)
  • rainwater drainage. The raised deck accumulating water comes straight from the water through the pipe system
  • sonar equipment
  • electric anchor 
  • reflector assembly
  • massive aluminum roof over the wheelhaus


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