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Some words about us


Newly launched motor boats manufacturing start-up began with the aim of demanding that all demands for our products generates. Similar to overseas manufacturers products What is the quality and durability without compromise is the most important. Therefore, from the beginning to the end of production is what we strive for. The plans of the Budapest University of Technology launches Ship Design Department designs earlier. The ongoing discussions emerged due to the current “V” shaped vessel form, convenient for all needs deck layout, high stability, low dive and the extraordinary speed with low power consumption.

We do not have long-time experience – as Hungary is currently no other aluminum motor boats – however, we believe that the current market supply should enrich our manufactured products. In our country, especially the plastic, small boats made of fiberglass manufacturing technology to spread, especially the cheaper production technology, low demand due gépiesítési. The aluminum sheet metal working machines, high-performance and a variety of finished products and a lot of hand-welding process which gives them the final shape is done. Budapest workshop capacity is limited, but we plan to – can we expand relatively quickly – in case of ongoing orders.

If you are interested, please contact us at one of the contacts in order to discuss the details. In addition, to facilitate the decision of us it is possible to test the completed boats (prototype), so not only pictures, but videos can personally experience the motorboats abilities properties.


Aluminium hull Benefits

The aluminium hull much lighter than iron or plastic therefore is lower of the boat dive.

By the lower weight, reduced power consumption, less engine power to be the same speed.

The aluminum plates do not corrode. So-called “eternal hulls” can be built only by sanding, staining can be renewed

The boat damages easy to repair with welding or sanding. After the repair It remains durable.

Our Services

Boats and transport trailer manufacturing

Boat manufacturing

Boat trailer

We began to produce and distribute American-style aluminum small boats, motorboats. The AluCruise brand name available only in Hungary , special – a water-resistant  – made of aluminum alloy, weather-resistant rubber trim and plenty of optional equipment with the appropriate individual needs sophisticated design boats.

Now you no longer have to look for foreign suppliers now available in Hungary much more discount price. European guarantee production from Hungary with continuously support. Our boats have “CE” certification and what we produce boat transport trailers as well. We manufactured boats and trailers we can carry MOT test and registration as well.

Our boat trailer are made of galvanized steel, rubber wheel holder on the side, custer wheel with dump holder on back side for easily launch. Knott axle with brake up to 1350 kg, Knott hub, Knott hitch, Knott hand winch.